Treatment staff member

Edrick Banks, CATC-I

Admissions and Intake Coordinator


Edrick Banks has been working in the field of substance abuse for almost 4 years. He graduated with the addictions studies program at West Los Angeles College in 2015 and is a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor with the state of California (CAADE). Edrick has experience working with clients in variety of residential facilities, and he loves working with client who want to live life in recovery.  Edrick has a natural ability to connect with clients, and their families, and is known for creating open and honest relationship with each client that admits into Infinity Malibu.

His forward thinking and ability to problem solve make him an appropriate first responder to community members and their loved ones reaching out for answers and assistance with chemical dependency related problems. From the first phone call to the physical admission, Edrick provides a professional and comforting presence that reassures each client of a smooth introduction.