estella matheu

Estella Matheu

Executive Director


Estella Matheu is the Executive Director at Infinity Malibu. With over twenty years of quality healthcare management experience, Matheu managed clinical and pathology departments for Emory University Hospital in Atlanta, and Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles before transitioning into managing behavior health and addiction treatment several years ago.

“I saw the progression and deterioration that the disease caused the physical body, and I wanted the opportunity to work with clients who are struggling with addiction before the damage is irreversible.  The stakes are high.  Just like other chronic diseases, it’s a life or death situation, and when one is facing something that may be terminal, the whole family suffers”.

Since then, Matheu has been a director for two Malibu treatment centers where she oversaw more than 150 employees and spearheaded Joint Commission efforts for residential healthcare quality assurance.

She is dedicated to offering exceptional service to clients and believes in continuous quality improvement, client safety and privacy, and creating an environment that promotes physical and emotional wellbeing.

She is committed to hiring exceptional employees who are passionate and dedicated to helping people recover from addiction.

“It is an honor to be placed in a time and space where someone may very well be at their worst, and to be able to even have the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. I try to remind my staff of this in everything we do each day because you never know the impact that you can make on others when your heart is open to it”.

Matheu joined Infinity Malibu in 2017.