10 Benefits of Taking Walks on the Beach

  1. Noise, traffic, electronic devices, television, news—distraction and intrusion are rampant in our lives. We can become so accustomed to them we don’t even recognize their affect on our well-being. Talking a walk on the beach reduces stress and calms our overloaded nervous systems.
  2. Walking on the beach provides exercise that stretches and strengthens your muscles. According to biological research, walking on the beach requires more physical exertion than walking on pavement. It’s good for you!
  3. Your body needs Vitamin D, and walking the beach is a perfect place to get it. Vitamin D is crucial to the health of your bones and your skin.
  4. As you walk on the beach the sand acts as a natural exfoliant for your skin. Water from waves carries sand that swamps your feet and rushes up your legs. If it’s a particularly windy day the sand will do wonders for the skin on your face.
  5. In recovery we need places to go for alone time and to connect with ourselves. The ocean view is there to hold you and sooth your spirit. Perhaps you’ll find a stone that speaks to you. You can carry it in your pocket as a talisman for your recovery.
  6. You came to the beach for quiet contemplation. You encounter children laughing and kicking a beach ball. You sense there joy and can’t help from smiling. The beach offers all sorts of unexpected treasures like feeling joy.
  7. For those who suffer from depression, good news has come from down under. A team from the Baker Heart Research Institute in Melbourne, Australia determined exposure to sunlight increases levels of serotonin, which in turn helps with one’s mood.
  8. Walking on the beach can lead to a better night’s sleep. You’ve been outside exercising, taking in the the salt air and replenishing your body and mind.
  9. The natural environment of a beach embraces your senses from sound of seabirds and surf to beautiful, clean air. Nature connects you with the wild and true parts of yourself.
  10. You may have heard the term grounded. Walking on the beach helps ground you. When you are grounded you are present. Being present helps you stay in the moment rather than worrying about the past, or what lies ahead in the future.
  11. Nature knows how to heal itself. She has a lot to offer if we just observe and listen.

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