12 Signs You’re in Survival Mode

  1. When you’re in survival mode everything is urgent. Tasks have to get done right away. You feel your back is up against the wall.
  2. It seems no one can help you. Your spouse is useless. You have do take care of everything yourself. If you are employed, all your meetings and appointments have to be rescheduled, including telephone calls.
  3. You can’t sleep well because of the stress. After you turn off the lights, you lie in bed and play tapes of the day—what you should have done, or could have done better. You think about all the things you didn’t achieve. You worry about how you can possibly find the time to get everything done tomorrow.
  4. Petty annoyances seem over the top. You honk and yell at the elderly man in the car ahead of you at the traffic light. Hey buddy, step on it, will you!
  5. You feel totally overwhelmed. Your breathing feels weird and your heart sometimes flutters.
  6. Basically, you can’t think straight, and your memory is bogged down. Where was I? What needs to be done next? What did I tell the nurse on the phone who called about my mother?
  7. Even trying to calm down doesn’t work for you. You try to slow your breathing, but then rush off. You just don’t have the time.
  8. Life feels joyless. You can’t imagine an end to the stress.
  9. In the morning you pray that you’re not going to have another terrible day, that you’ll be able to control everything.
  10. You find you react to every little thing. The milk is sour, so you carelessly pour it down the sink and get some on your clean shirt. Your throw a fit.
  11. Your family takes the brunt of your frustration, and you constantly lose patience with them.
  12. The liquor store calls to you. You know you need a meeting, but you won’t, you can’t possibly make it a priority.

Work and family crisis can plunge you into survival mode. Solutions may not be at the ready for the crisis, but you can make some important changes and regain control. First off, when you’re in survival mode acknowledge it, and ask for help, whether from your family, colleagues, or a therapist. Nothing is worth putting your health and recovery at risk

“There is a land of the living and a land of the dead and the bridge is love, the only survival, the only meaning.”—Thornton Wilder

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