15 Ways of Letting Go

If you are in recovery and attend fellowship meetings, you’ve probably heard the term let go. There are many areas or situations you may find yourself in where letting go can be beneficial to your recovery. Also, you may find it helpful to learn what letting goes doesn’t mean.

  1. Letting go does not mean that you stop caring. It means you can’t take care of someone else’s issues for them.
  2. When you let go, you aren’t cutting yourself off from people, places and things. You are letting go of control.
  3. Letting go allows learning to happen from natural consequences, rather than enabling.
  4. Letting go is to conclude that the outcome of something is not in your hands—you are powerless over the situation.
  5. You are letting go when you make the most out of a situation by not blaming or trying to change another.
  6. To let go is not to take care of, or for, but to care about.
  7. When you let go you give up trying to fix someone, but you are still there to support them.
  8. Letting go is not judging, but allowing another to be themselves.
  9. Letting go is not trying to manage the outcome, but to allow others to affect their own destinies.
  10. When you let go you permit another to face their own reality.
  11. Letting go is accepting what is, as opposed to being in denial.
  12. To let go is not to pout or scold yourself or another, but to seek your own answers.
  13. When you let go, you take everyday as it comes, and not try to adjust everything to your liking.
  14. When you choose to not regret the past, and grow in the present, you are letting go.
  15. Letting go is to love more and have less fear.

When practicing letting go, you’re bound to stumble. However, catching yourself trying to control situations is a strong indication that you are getting the message. As you practice letting go, you can experience increasing serenity and peace. Good for you! You deserve it!

“When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be. When I let go of what I have, I receive what I need.” from the Tao Te Ching

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