3 Ways To Get Through A Frustrating Day In Recovery

Recovery never promises perfection. Getting sober and developing a lifestyle of recovery is not the answer to all of life’s problems. Often we fall into a destructive frame of thinking which might sound like, “Why did I bother getting sober if this is still happening?” Life doesn’t stop happening when we get sober. Life continues happening in the very same way it was happening, before we got sober. When we were actively using drugs and alcohol, we simply we weren’t aware of life as life really is. Altered in our state of mind, we weren’t living life on life’s terms.

Living life on life’s terms is a popular phrase and philosophy in recovery. We learn that getting sober doesn’t change the terms of life. Getting sober changes the terms of how we approach, relate to, and cope with life and all of its terms. Some days, the terms are easy to work with. Other days, the terms are much more difficult. Frustrating days in recovery can quickly lead us to that destructive way of thinking, lamenting about whether or not it is really worth it. Being under the influence of alcohol or drugs is ignorance and ignorance is not always bliss. Living fully present in recovery is a challenge that keeps us sober every day.

Choose a constructive way to cope

Not all methods of coping are created equal. For example, using a process of venting to cope with anger and frustration isn’t helpful. Numerous studies have found that the act of venting worsens anger and digs the resentments of frustration down deeper. The best way to “get rid of” feelings is to just feel them and accept them for what they are.

Don’t fall for distraction

Addiction is largely a distraction. Any kind of stressor that triggers the mind to produce cravings for drugs and alcohol is one that creates a need for distraction. Sometimes, distraction in recovery is a good thing. Distraction from cravings is better than cravings as a distraction. Find a healthy distraction that takes your mind off the immediate frustration and puts it in a place that can still be productive to your recovery.

Reframe the way you’re thinking

Catastrophizing and dramatizing are tactics of the addicted brain to attempt to making a frustration bigger than it is, which might cause enough stress to result in drug and alcohol use. We learn in recovery to look at the events of our life differently, realizing that the methods of the brain might not allow us to see reality. We can realize that we really should expect the unexpected because we simply cannot anticipate all of life. We might investigate further to see if our frustrations are accurate. Oftentimes, there is something beneath the surface coming up for us that is making the current frustration even more frustrating than it actually is.

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