Addiction Recovery: A Family Program

addiction recoveryIn addiction recovery, it can be easy to forget that the impact of an individual’s use ripples through the entire family. It can be easy to forget the internal scars left on such people after years of being lied to and manipulated by a loved one’s inability to be honest with himself or others. The families of addicts and alcoholics often struggle to ever trust the word of their son, daughter, mother or father even after some time in recovery. Following some years of deception, one could easily see why that is the case.

But it is important to note that addiction recovery does not just involve the individual abusing substances, but rather everyone who played a part in the addict’s story. Upon finding recovery, many family members discover that they have a lot of issues that need to be addressed. We must be clear, in no way are we suggesting that families are responsible for the decisions their addicted loved one made when actively using; rather, that the best chance of moving forward in a healthy way is for the entire family to take a close look at some of the behaviors that may have exacerbated the demise of the family dynamic.

Healthy Behaviors In Addiction Recovery

At Infinity Malibu, we understand the value of healing. Addiction in the family has fallout that can change all concerned parties. Which is why in recovery, the best chance of success rests on family members both supporting their loved one’s mission and identifying certain things that could help precipitate a relapse. Our family program educates the family members of addicts about how to set healthy boundaries. How to avoid codependent and enabling behaviors that were common before the decision to go to treatment was made.

Communication is one of the most important tools to being successful in recovery. If you have concerns that your loved one is falling into old patterns and destructive behaviors, speaking up about it in healthy ways that are non-confrontational is of the utmost importance. Families often think that the problem was the drugs and alcohol, take them out of the equation they will have their son or daughter back. When in fact, the substances were but a symptom of a complex disorder; a disease of the mind that requires continued maintenance.

Even after people get sober, old behaviors do not go away without a fight. There will be times in a loved one’s recovery when you may find yourself at wits end. Which is why it is vital that family members be sure to take care of themselves first. Much like on the airplane when the oxygen masks drop, you put yours on first. Please remember that recovery is a lifelong journey, but over time the ups and downs become fewer and farther between. And a semblance of stability can be achieved.

Family Recovery

If your loved one’s drug and alcohol use is seemingly beyond control, please contact Infinity Malibu immediately. The sooner the program of recovery begins, the better everyone is for it. It is difficult process that hopefully the whole family can be a part of the recovery. Remember, family recovery is possible. Healing begins now.

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