Addiction Recovery Is a Matter of Attitude

When you enter recovery, you can feel any number of emotions like dejection, relief, anger, hopelessness, sorrow and agitation. Your emotions are normal, anyone in the this situation could react the same. By the very nature of drug addiction, changes occurred in your behavior and health and need to be addressed.

Learning to accept your addiction is a good first step, and right alongside of it is self-acceptance. How did I wind up here? What have I done to my family? How am I ever going to live with myself again? Why was I addicted for so long? Self-acceptance is a choice you can make in recovery, even if it is not easy. Your life experiences precipitated your addiction and caused you to take that path. You weren’t ready to make a choice to prevent addiction.

You can make a significant difference in your recovery through your attitude. Negativity drains your energy. Focusing your thoughts on all the things you are ashamed of can keep you stuck in a negative spiral. When you begin making an effort to be positive your energy will shift. For one, you can be grateful for being in recovery and not out on the streets feeling desperate.

Some research shows positive thinking can boost the immune system. This will aid your body as it physically heals from toxins. Having a positive attitude can help those around you in recovery, and when you help others your self-confidence gains momentum.

Drugs rewarded you with false highs and a serious life-threatening addiction. An improved attitude rewards you with a better life. As your attitude shifts, so does your motivation. Motivation is essential to addiction recovery and relapse prevention. It fortifies you to stay clean, and allows you the space to focus on the future—a drug-free life! Consider some of the things you always wanted to accomplish or do.

Self-talk habits get you off on the right foot in the morning, and affect how the rest of your day will go. Saying things to yourself like, I intend to have a good day, I’m glad to be here with others on this recovery path, I am so grateful for being alive; help build new and brighter pathways in your brain.

Increasing self-esteem takes time and patience. A positive attitude in recovery bolsters your willingness to forgive yourself. Forgiveness fortifies your self-esteem, and your self-esteem leads to improved self-advocacy. Addiction recovery is a chain of learning, understanding, seeking and changing. Having a positive attitude is your first tool.

Treatment can be a transformative process when you find a program that works for you as well as with you. At Infinity Treatment Centers, lasting recovery is attainable at last. Our luxury residences offer the highest privacy and comfort while our clinical program provides the personalized approach necessary for infinite change. Call us today for information: (855) 544-0611

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