Are Addiction And Trauma Related?

There are plenty of addicts and alcoholics who grew up and lived their lives without trauma. Not a single bad thing happened to them throughout their lives. Perhaps they lived in a home where imbibing was part of the normal everyday culture. When they started to drink and experiment with drugs themselves, they learned how to associate good times in life with the consumption of substances. Overtime, their brains became dependent upon drugs and alcohol, eventually causing a chemical dependency in their bodies, which takes them by surprise.

More commonly, addicts and alcoholics experience trauma of some kind in their lifetime. They turn to drugs and alcohol to provide relief like a process of self-medication. Treating both trauma and addiction is necessary for helping an individual heal entirely through the treatment process. However, many people don’t realize that there is no such thing as addiction without trauma. Even for those rare few who grew up without significant traumatic events, their years of active addiction and alcoholism are traumatizing in themselves.

Losing control of your constitutional capability to manage your own life is traumatizing. Trauma is defined as a “deeply distressing or disturbing experience” which usually has a theme of being out of control in a traumatic situation. Addiction and alcoholism are both deeply distressing and deeply disturbing. It is true that the addict and alcoholic chooses to continue drinking and using. Frighteningly, they feel they are second hand to a mechanism within their own minds which has taken over control of the ability to choose. Watching their attitudes, behaviors, and lifestyle change, they transform into someone else, a someone else who is chronically intoxicated. Waking up after a blackout from alcohol and drugs, days later, in a new location, without any recollection of what has happened over a period of time is nothing less than traumatizing. Thinking to oneself, I can’t stop. I don’t know how to stop is nothing less than traumatizing. Realizing you’ve become addicted to drugs and alcohol and they have completely taken over your life physically, psychologically, and spiritually, is nothing less than traumatizing.

Addicts and alcoholics are not victims of their own mental health disorders or any trauma they experienced in their lifetimes. They survivors, tenfold. Learning to cope with trauma from their pasts, they find drugs and alcohol. Creating a new traumatic present with drugs and alcohol, they find sobriety and learn to recover. Trauma in addiction should be treated with celebration and encouragement. Addicts find their way to live full, happy, healthy lives when they commit to recovery. One day, the trauma finally ends.

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