Alcoholism, the Disease of Denial

Alcoholism is often called the disease of denial. This is because when you drink in excess day after day, week after month after year, your brain becomes impaired. The chemical changes in your brain caused by the alcohol make you think you don’t have a problem.

An alcoholic will usually find ways to justify their consumption. I like my booze! I only drink on weekends. I only drink after work. I work hard and deserve a good stiff drink when I get home from work. If you had the kind of problems I have, you’d drink too! I can hold my liquor any place, anytime! If you don’t like the way I drink, then leave the house!

One of the myths about alcoholism is the amount one drinks determines the problem. I only have two glasses of wine each night, so I can’t be an alcoholic. Many people can be, and are heavy drinkers, but that doesn’t make them an alcoholic. Alcoholism can be viewed as an obsession with alcohol. I have to have my two glasses of wine every night!

Denial is when a person who drinks alcoholically is confronted, and declares they don’t have a problem. They can say, and besides, it’s none of your business. Denial is when someone who drinks daily tries to minimize their consumption. Yes, I drink daily, but it’s never hampered my productivity or interfered with my livelihood or my family. YET!

Denial is when you think you have your drinking under control, but in reality you don’t. You actively tell yourself you don’t have a problem, even though the thought that you might may gnaw at you.

Denial is when you can’t see the harm you are doing to those around you like family, friends and colleagues. You may not see the harm because you have come to a point where you no longer care—people are just getting in the way of my drinking.

If you grew up in a home where large quantities of alcohol were consumed on a regular basis, you may not have recognized whether anyone had a problem with alcoholism. Their drinking activity and behaviors seemed completely normal.

The disease of denial will do everything in its power to insure you continue drinking. The only cure for denial is accepting that you have a problem. It’s a hard fight to win by yourself, so please get some help for yourself today. Put denial where it really belongs—locked away forever!

“Confidence turns into pride only when you are in denial of your mistakes.”― Criss Jami

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