Animals Can Help Your Recovery from Addiction

Recovery from addiction needs to be approached on different levels of your psyche. The physical condition of your body needs to be tended. You may enter a rehab with the fog and overload of drugs, and or alcohol in your system. Once you’ve undergone a detox (if that’s necessary) your mental health will be assessed. Mental health stability is a primary goal in recovery. Along with addiction, you may have an additional diagnosis. All will need to be treated, both in a rehab and when you reenter your life as a sober individual.

Then there are practical life skills for recovery such as alcohol and drug addiction education, maintaining a strong support system, time management, financial security and executive functioning skills. Executive functioning skills have to do with memory, the ability to plan and follow through, initiating tasks and sticking with them, regulating emotions, and self-monitoring. There’s no fast forward in recovery. It takes time, commitment and tenacity. You can do it!

Go to all the addiction recovery meetings and therapy sessions you can. They are vital to lasting sobriety, and will surely awaken forgotten parts of yourself and spirit. Healing your spirit can be approached from various angles. One idea to consider is getting a pet. Of course you may have a lot on your plate already, so adding an animal to your life needs to be thought out.

Having an animal is a responsibility. You need to maintain a schedule for their care, not only for feeding, and veterinarian appointments, but taking walks everyday. If you find a dog at a shelter, ask about the dog’s history. Many dogs are rescued from traumatic situations. These dogs will need extra care, training, love and patience. They may not be the right pet for you.

Having an animal to care for in recovery and sober living, likens to the love and care you need. Animals, if treated well, love unconditionally. Don’t you need to love yourself unconditionally? Having an animal will get you outside on walks where you can feel your spirit come alive from the sun on your face, or a cold winter wind that awakens you to your new life.

“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.”—Colette

Recovery requires that the body, mind, and spirit all be given a  chance to heal. Infinity Malibu offers equine therapy for experiential learning and to teach themes like powerlessness, trust, spirituality, and personal boundaries. Our gorgeous facilities offer a calm and private container for your healing from addiction to begin. Call 888-266-9048  

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