Are All Addictions Dangerous?

Many people with addictions drink or take drugs to escape, avoid, numb out, bring symptom or pain relief. Others start out wanting to relax or get high for fun. Addiction is progressive. It is a disease that affects the brain and body’s ability to properly function. It causes damage to a wide circle of people in: families, relationships, workplaces, neighborhoods and schools. The substance used, morphs into a compulsion and continues repetitively, despite producing unwanted outcomes. Common symptoms of addiction are loss of control, compulsivity, preoccupation with the next use, and inability to quit despite attempts.

Are all addictions dangerous? By the definition of addiction, the answer is yes. The answer, however, needs a broader scope. Consider bringing more curiosity to the question. What constitutes danger may be different from one person to the next. He or she drives home high or intoxicated for the umteenth time, only this time they don’t see that car pulling out from the curb. Sirens, hospital, consequences. The person in the other car was killed or their child. This is a dire example, but it can and does happen.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health, conducted a survey a few years ago that showed 10 million people aged 12 or older reported driving under the influence of illicit drugs during the year prior to the survey. According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), 57% of fatally injured drivers had alcohol or other drugs in their system. Through rigorous education and the inception of MADD in 1980, the number of drunk driving deaths has been cut in half.

A person could think their addiction isn’t that bad, or they may not recognize their “habit” has turned into an addiction. Alcohol, tobacco, opioids, prescription drugs, cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines and hallucinogens are dangerous to your health. A primary component of addiction is denial. My liver disease isn’t related to my drinking. I took money from my coworker’s wallet. I fell and hit my head against the coffee table last night and had 7 stitches. Is going to the hospital or jail dangerous? Is my addiction adaptive to my life?

Check in with yourself and ask again, is my addiction dangerous. Your life can be restored with treatment, self-care, a positive attitude, and a good support system. Recovery leads to opening your heart again. Imagine being grateful for every day. Having balance in your life brings peace of mind. With a lasting recovery your self-respect will grow, you’ll believe in yourself again!

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