Asking for Help to Get Sober and Clean

Hopefully you’re reading this because you want to live. Acknowledging to yourself that you need help is one of the first things to do to begin your recovery from drug addiction and or alcoholism. Chances are this won’t be easy. Nothing in life is really easy. Having a successful garden, for example, requires, education, planning and hard work. Those steps are how a successful recovery works, too.

Only you know why you haven’t asked for help to get clean and sober. Understand that the right hand of substance abuse is denial. You have a disease of denial. The drugs and alcohol actually affect how your brain works. While you may have wanted to get sober before now, you were unable to stop the craving for the substance of your choice.

Perhaps you are afraid of getting clean. Fear, or F  E  A  R, has been described as False Evidence Appearing Real. In all fairness to you, being afraid of the unknown is realistic. We get it. You don’t know what to expect if you get sober. You may think, if I get sober: people will see who I really am—a loser; I will become a burden to my family; I’ll never be able to pay for therapy; how will I ever repay someone for helping me?

OK, so you’re afraid, and you know that no one can help you ask for help. Let’s open a door here. It’s a simple door with a knob and knocker. It’s the door of possibility—the other side of fear. The door to possibility has a lot more going for you than fear. You can screw up all the courage, all the fear of not being able to get your next drink or drug, and use this power to ask for help.

Remember Nancy Reagan’s effort to control drug use in the country? Her saying Just Say No was never as easy as that. You can say, Just Ask for Help. You don’t have to worry about what happens next. By asking for help, you’re letting go of control. You’re giving the drugs and alcohol the boot. The door of possibility is about being able to cope without a drink or drug when tough times come along, which they will. It leads to a life of feelings, of laughter, of connection. You can ask for help. Do it today! We believe in you!

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