Asking for Help in Sobriety

Are you the type of person who never asks for help? Now that you are sober are you self-sufficient and have a can-do, I’ve got this attitude? Having this attitude isn’t making you feel better. In fact you feel angry, stressed and overwhelmed. Still you don’t ask for help. There are reasons why it is hard sometimes to ask for help.

There could be a committee in your head that contains the judge and the jury. They’ve decided asking for help equals inadequacy and weakness. These self-judgements in turn cause super-critical shame to bring your self-esteem down even further. Is the committee doing you any service?

Nobody makes it through life without some form of help. When you get sober and want to enjoy sobriety, it helps to reach out to others. Asking for help could look like finding a therapist for the first time in your life. It could mean asking for a ride to a meeting. Perhaps you’re having a really hard day. Calling someone you trust and telling them what’s happening with you today, is a form of asking for help. In sobriety, you don’t have to isolate yourself from others anymore. Also, asking for a person’s help may be just the thing they need that day to make them feel worthy and useful.

There may come a day when it takes everything you have to drive past the liquor store. Making a phone call can help ease your distress. Your friend validates your desire to drink—after all, you are an alcoholic and that’s what alcoholics do—they drink. Naming your disease can make the difference between picking up a bottle or driving to a meeting, or going home to watch your favorite TV show with a glass of ice tea.

What if asking for help is about getting your needs met. In your childhood you had to do everything on your own. There wasn’t nurturance, love, or even adequate amounts of food.  

You may figure if you ask for help now, nobody’s going to be there for you, just like in your childhood. Chances are that’s not going to be the case. However, sometimes people aren’t available to help when you ask. If that happens you can depend on yourself and what you’ve learned about staying sober. You can ask a power greater than yourself to take away the urge to drink for the next minute, 10 minutes or hour.

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