Attitude is Everything on New Year’s Eve

With the big holiday approaching, it’s a smart time to tune up your attitude. Attitude is everything on New Year’s Eve, and 365 days of the year as well. Let’s not give power to any negative thoughts like self pity, cynicism, jealousy or pessimism that can arise when you think about New Year’s Eve. If you are new to sobriety, this holiday could be especially difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. It all depends on being present, staying in the moment and making a conscious choice to be as positive as possible.

Alcohol, being a depressive substance, had the ability to alter your moods and change your behavior. Perhaps you once were an optimistic person with a so-called bright future. You tooks some hits in life, wanted relief, and became addicted. It happens, and it happens all the time. You are not unique to becoming addicted.

What can make you unique today is your courage to change your attitude. Our attitude can help make great changes with ourselves and our relationships, both in love and friendship, and on New Year’s Eve. We just have to get out our old softball or baseball mitts and start catching our negativity. Thanks for the information Mr. Negativity, but I’m establishing a new game. It’s called Attitude Adjustment 101.

Just because we make a declaration to ourselves that we are going to be positive, doesn’t mean those old attitudes aren’t going to surface. You can think of these as the little kid part of you that isn’t getting his or her way. In the Internal Family Systems model, the kid parts are the Exiles. The exiles carry the burdens from being wounded at one time or another. They hold painful emotions like rage, fear, loneliness and despondency.

Negative feelings are a clue to take heed of that little kid inside you. He or she needs attention and love. He or she needs to know everything is going to be alright, that you’re not going to abandon them on New Year’s Eve or any other day. Taking care of the scared little kid part of you will give aid to positivity. New Year’s Eve can be a better evening for you with your new and hope-filled attitude.  

“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results.”— Willie Nelson

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