Bad Luck or Karma?

We use the term bad luck to help ease the pain of disappointments in life. Your friend didn’t get the job he wanted, so you said, oh, sorry, that’s just plain bad luck. Bad luck can come in strings like mechanical devices going on the fritz or appliances breaking down at the same time. These types of bad luck can be termed as annoyances.

Whatever its form, bad luck can be handled poorly or well. Can you accept unresolvable bad luck or are you going to stew about it? Acceptance can be a knee up when handling disappointments or bad luck. Are you able to take immediate action to solve or remedy the problem? There are times when being with the bad luck is essential because you need to process it, have your feelings about it.  

Sometimes what we perceive as bad luck is really the universe telling us something we don’t want to hear. Take, for example your back. It’s killing you. One day you move the wrong way and that’s it, bedrest. Was it bad luck that your your sacroiliac joint gave out? Consider what led up that point. Did you ignore the warning signs? Did the joint give out because your body was telling you to stop working so hard? This isn’t about blaming yourself when bad luck happen. It’s about paying attention, naming what is real and most important, knowing yourself

Karma is an ancient Sanskrit word. It means any action, thought or words you put out into the world come back to you. In terms of bad luck, you could say, it’s my Karma payment. You said, did or felt something negative, and it came back in the form of bad luck. Karma is thought of as a universal law. The phrase, what goes around comes around, basically mean the same thing as Karma.

Karma can feel tricky where disease is concerned. It’s not a good idea or helpful to blame yourself for getting sick. There are interesting articles to read about about illnesses and undiagnosed pains that relate to past life experiences. You may think past life stuff is hocus pocus, or if you’re interested, look into author’s such as Edgar Cayce.  

Bad luck or Karma, which fits your situation? Maybe neither does. Perhaps definitions and labels aren’t useful to you. Maybe all you need to do is be honest with yourself, accept the bad luck, the annoyances and move on.

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