What Are The Benefits of Group Therapy for Addiction?

If you are recovering from drug addiction make sure to find a group specifically for addiction. While therapist are thoroughly educated, it’s important the therapist leading the group is trained in addiction recovery. The therapist leading the group may set up topics for each group session or keep the floor open to whatever comes up.

There are a number of reasons group therapy can be very beneficial to your recovery. The first for you might be support. Just being in a circle with people healing from addiction can make you feel less alone. You can develop a feeling of camaraderie from joining a group geared towards addiction. Likewise, just being in the same room can make you feel supported. Group therapy is excellent for empathy.

Group therapy can act as a sounding board. While cross-talking may be frowned upon, you may be able to relate to another’s problems. A person can come up with an idea you haven’t thought of yet. They may demonstrate a positive attitude. Their positive attitude could put you in touch with your negative attitude and motivate you to work towards improving it.

Like the office, you may like some group members and not others. The one you particularly don’t like can become the most valuable person to you in the group. You may ask, how can that be true. It’s not that they are going to become your best friend. The behaviors and attitudes you dislike in others can turn out to be the same ones you dislike in yourself. This perception can be hard to digest, but it is often true and can motivate you to change.

When you are in recovery from addiction you may try to resist changing yourself. Your ego is still engaged with the powerful feelings the drugs gave you. When others in the group speak of changes they are making with their lives, you secretly want to huff at them. Once you are away from the meeting you take time to reflect upon the thoughts and feelings shared. Group therapy works when you are open to shared ideas and change. Being closed down can be a sign you are afraid of making yourself vulnerable to what others think about you. When you admit to the group you are afraid of vulnerability, you might find others who feel the same as you.

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