How Do I Build a Sustainable Recovery?

Alcoholism and drug addiction are progressive diseases. You didn’t pick up the first drink or drug to become addicted. Chances are you wanted relief from physical or emotional pain, stress or to escape from something you didn’t want to face. The relief grew into addiction. Suddenly you lost control. You couldn’t stop. Drugs and alcohol produce a high, which over time can’t be sustained, so you take more.

Congratulations for having the courage to face your addiction by getting the help you need. You’ll need the same level of perseverance in your recovery as you did getting sober. Remembering you have a disease that’s not going to vanish is paramount to a sustainable recovery. You can build a sustainable recovery on the same premise as the disease—your recovery is progressive as well. Every action you take to ensure you won’t drink or take drugs will strengthen your resolve. Now, you’re headed towards a life full of opportunities.

When you leave inpatient treatment you may have relationships to repair, you’ve got to find employment or a new place to live. Rushing to make things right again will not serve you well. A sustainable recovery is progressive.

Whether you are an organized person or not, make a list of your recovery goals. Think about what’s most important. Yes, number one—your sobriety! Your goals may include: meetings, therapy, group therapy, household chores, buy healthy food at the grocery store before you run out, have a friend over, or play with the kids. The things you do to build a sustainable recovery are ordinary. Ordinary is simple, manageable and sustainable.

A sustainable recovery needs balance. You may need to go to 90 meetings in 90 days, or see your therapist twice a week. As you become more secure in your recovery you’ll be able to judge better what you need and don’t need. Going to the movies with a friend may be just the activity let go after a difficult week.

As you begin to build your sustainable recovery, managing your triggers may be all you have the energy for in one day. Having bad days is normal. Getting triggered is normal, but now you’ve learned you don’t have to take a substance to escape from them. You can name them and take positive action. I had a bad day. Now I’m going to get myself to a meeting.  Acceptance and slow, deliberate actions will improve your confidence.  

Each day I strengthen my resolve to live fully.

Recovery outcomes improve when patients are comfortable and set apart from everyday distractions. At Infinity Malibu’s secluded hillside estate, we welcome private individuals requiring total discretion. Start making plans for a sustainable recovery by calling us today: 855-608-8495

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