Can I Convince My Loved One to Go to Treatment?

You can try to convince your loved one to go to treatment by having a kind talk when they are sober. You may have positive results. This depends upon the level of acceptance your loved one has regarding their addiction. Trying to convince a loved to go to treatment, however, can backfire.

The hard truth is, an alcoholic or addict has to come to terms with his or her addiction on their own. Denial, a strong symptom of the diseases, tends to block one’s ability to recognize how far their addiction has progressed. Addiction usurps moral compasses and blinds a loved one to the damage it causes. Relating their substance abuse to a serious disease, such as liver damage, is another consequence of denial.

One method to convince your loved one to get treatment is intervention. Intervention is not so much a matter of convincing. You might say it forces the issue. A group of friends, family members and or colleagues gather and use the element of surprise. The loved one is essentially ambushed. In a loving, kind, yet direct manner, concern for the addict and how his or her behavior affects those present is voiced. Your loved one may balk, break down in tears, or storm out of the room. Hopefully the intervention will result in your loved one going to a 28-day treatment facility. Enrollment in the facility is usually set up before the intervention.

You may ask, what if nothing works to convince my loved one to get treatment? For months, years, even decades you have focussed your energy on the loved one with the addiction. What about you? What about your life? You could respond to this statement by saying, What? I am not the addict! I am not the one who needs to change!

It takes just as much courage for your loved one to choose recovery as it does for you to recognize your attachment to the disease. Seeking professional help and attending Al Anon meetings are good resources for gaining understanding of the unconscious role you played in the disease or addiction. This may not feel good. You did everything you could to save your loved one. You stood by them even when they may have been verbally or physically abused you. You stood by them out of love and care.

The good news is you have strength. Think what it took to get to the point to convince your loved one to go to treatment. You can use this same strength to heal from the pain and turmoil you suffered. You can learn to take charge of your life and make positive changes on your behalf. You deserve love, understanding and freedom.

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