How Can Equine-Assisted Therapy Help My Recovery?

When you stand next to a horse for the first time, you may be afraid or cautious. When we don’t know what to expect it is important to be cautious, especially around horses. Just like humans, horses have different personalities. You can even learn the signs of horse emotions or feelings.

Humans display feelings through facial expressions and body positions. Horses show many of their feelings through the position of their ears. When they are puzzled or concerned, one ear moves forward, while the other takes the opposite direction. Both ears point forward when they are on alert or intently watching or interested in something. If angry or feeling aggressive they position their ears flat and backwards.

Getting to know a horse through equine-assisted therapy can be transformative. As you learn about horses’ behavior, you’ll most likely feel more comfortable around them. When you look at some of your own behaviors from the time you were using or drinking, you may feel uncomfortable. As you change and get to know yourself as a sober person you can start to feel more comfortable in your own body. Horses can help you learn to trust yourself again.

Horses can put you in touch with humility. They are large, powerful and sometimes unpredictable animals. They are also peaceful, gentle and magnificent. Through equine-assisted therapy you will learn that horses reflect back to you what form of energy you project. If you are in a bad mood, the horse will pick up on that and be wary of you. A sudden move on your part can alarm a horse, and put you in danger of getting hurt.

Likewise, when you come into the stable and emanate peace and tranquility, the horses will take notice and accordingly react to you. This can help you see how your actions and behaviors reverberate into the world wherever you are. So much can be said for being mindful of your mood. When you watch horses grazing in the pasture or their paddocks, you can set an intention to live your life in recovery and sobriety as peacefully as they do.

“The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom.”— Sharon Ralls Lemon

Among the many benefits of going to Infinity Malibu to treat an addiction, is our Equine Therapy program. Designed to complement talk therapy and enhance our 12-step recovery approach, equine therapy benefits clients struggling with an addiction, dual diagnosis, trauma, and mental health issues. Learn to trust again. 888-266-9048

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