How Can I Rebuild My Life?

Maybe the question should be, what do I want my new life to look like? The word rebuilding implies that your life was demolished. You’re still alive. You’re in recovery. Putting the emphasis on your new life is inspiring, and connects you with present and future possibilities.

Being new to recovery can be overwhelming. This is true whether you live in a homeless shelter, wake up in the hospital or have acquiesced to admittance in an inpatient facility. There are a few sayings from Alcoholics Anonymous that speak to building a new life: One Day at a Time, First Things First, and Keep it Simple. If you think about it, you’ll find wisdom is these adages.

You can build a new life by staying sober and getting into therapy, whether single or group. Take the time you need to grieve the loss of your old life. This isn’t about looking back, it’s about being aware, about acknowledging what you once had, and taking ownership of your disease and what went wrong.

Build a routine for yourself. Routines provide structure. In your former life you may not have had any structure. Your entire focus was when, where and how you were going to get that next drink or drug. Having a structure can be stabilizing and lead to a growing sense of self worth. Self worth will improve your motivation. When you feel up to it, reach out to people. Go slowly with new friendships. Stay safe.   

You can build a new life by staying in the present and taking things slowly. Be curious about your new life and ponder, what will it look like, where will I live? When you’re ready make a list of realistic goals. If your first priority is to get a job, write JOB on a piece of paper and tape somewhere you will often see it. Visualizing yourself in your new job will bring in a flow of positive energy.

Think about the qualifications your dream job requires. Do you need training, more schooling, better clothes? Do you first need to get another job to pay for clothes or training? Finding answers to these questions will enable you to make a plan on how to achieve your goal.

Be brave and understand if you don’t land that first job you applied for, it wasn’t an opportunity meant for you. Be grateful for what you have. Never stop believing in yourself.

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