When Can I Stop Going to Meetings?

When can I stop going to meetings? The good news about asking this question is that you’re asking it, instead of just dropping out. Nobody is making you go to meetings. It’s your decision alone because it’s your responsibility to keep clean and sober.

What are your reasons for wanting to stop going to meetings? Perhaps make a list of them. After you write them down, ask yourself if they seem valid. Ask yourself what’s the hurry? Is there something more important in your life than staying clean and sober? Have you considered the risks of relapse if your stop attending meetings?

Instead of not going to meetings, have you given thought to cutting back as opposed to stopping all together? That might be a reasonable course to take. You give yourself a chance to engage with your clean and sober life while staying tied to a life line. To play it safe, before you cut back on your meetings, you could make a contract with a friend or your therapist to check in with him or her once a week. The purpose of this would be to get a reading on how you are doing. Have any negative behaviors crept in? Are you having any drinking or drugging dreams? How stable have your moods been? Have you come close to having a drink or drug?

If you are having a harder time without going to as many meetings, then there’s your cue to attend more. If you are feeling mostly stable, ask yourself if there are any recovery skills you are neglecting? The goal of recovery is a life free from the suffering of addiction. It’s like throwing a pebble into a pool and seeing the ripple effect of all the good that comes your way. Don’t be too eager to go it alone.

When you feel you have fully integrated into a sober and clean lifestyle then it could a healthy time to stop going to meetings. If you think the timing is right to move on from meetings, then you have to trust yourself. If you think there’s even the slightest pull towards relapse, then it’s extremely important to get back to meetings.

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