Can I Sustain My Sobriety at School?

Perhaps you want to go back to school, but are afraid you’ll be pulled into a drinking crowd again. Ask yourself if your fear is real. Ask yourself if you are truly committed to maintaining your sobriety. If you are considering going back to school, you may be very engaged in earning the benefits of a sober life. School is something positive on which to focus. Getting your degree can provide you with greater opportunities for employment in a field you’re interested in accompanied by a reasonable and liveable income.

When faced with concerns about your sobriety, questioning your wants and desires, decisions and actions, is a responsible thing to do. Talking to others about the questions and concerns you have can provide you with additional support. The people to whom you confide may offer different perceptions you haven’t thought of until then.

Healing is a matter of time, intention and attitude. Some people in recovery for alcoholism immediately embrace a positive stance, while others hold back with a wait and see attitude. There is no one right way to heal, and there are no set timeframes.

When considering taking big steps in your recovery, like going back to school, you may want to be careful not to shortchange yourself. That is, make sure you’re not skipping ahead and leaving some wounded part of yourself behind. Getting sober is not just about putting down the drink, it is about healing your body, mind and spirit because alcoholism affects your entire being. There is however the chance that you may not be ready to face some wounded parts of yourself. Nothing can be forced out of you, or revealed until you are ready. Some people get sober, and 10 or 20 years later come to the realization that they were harmed in childhood. Feelings arise that they weren’t before able to access.

Make your decisions, move forward with your life and keep a in touch with your support system. You can check with your school to see if AA meetings are held there on a regular basis. While commuting to school, or living on campus, try to establish healthy sleep habits. Your brain needs as much rest as your body. Getting a good night’s sleep will help you maintain a positive attitude and outlook which is vital to your sobriety.

Maintaining a balance at school can look like getting good grades, staying sober, and having some fun. If you take yourself too seriously, you may miss out on some great experiences.  

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