Changing Our Routines in Recovery

Before getting sober, some of us were able to hold down our jobs. We drank alcoholically in the evenings, or binged on the weekends. We went to work with hangovers and pretended no one noticed. If we looked like the wrath of God, we hid in our offices or cubicles, and avoided contact with our colleagues. Eventually the progression caught up with us.

Now we are in recovery, perhaps out of detox, in a rehab, or out on our own with a good aftercare plan. We are luckier than others and grateful that our place of employment had policies helpful to our recovery.

Our aftercare plan has us linked up with a therapist. We are regularly attending AA meetings, and a therapy group. Though we are busy and feeling better, we still get depressed about our disease. One action we can take to help us feel better, is to make changes in our daily and weekly routines.

If we live in the suburbs, perhaps there’s another route we can take to work. Even if it takes a few minutes longer, it might do us some good. Call it a change of scenery. If we live in the city and have the habit of getting coffee from the same shop every workday, we have the option of finding another bistro. Perhaps there, we’ll find the coffee more flavorful.

There aren’t many alternative routes to work for those of us who live in rural America. Still, we can change up our routine through a creative endeavor. This could be as simple as stopping everyday to take a photograph of the lake we pass in route to work. We can use our photographs to observe how life changes everyday. Making changes in our routines, however simple, can give us the distraction or purpose we might need on any particular day. We could prepare different meals for our family, or read a new book instead of watching TV when we get home from meetings.

Recovery has its challenges, to be sure. We are going to have really bad days, but they don’t have to drag us into a spiral of despair. We have options. The changes we make with our routines can provide a well-needed shift in perspective. We are more than our someone with an addiction. We have the ability to engage with our creative selves. Life is getting better after all!

“If we surrendered, to earth’s intelligence, we could rise up rooted, like trees.”—Rainer Maria Rilke

Going to a rehab gives you time, without distraction, to sort out your struggles with addiction. It provides you with the space to begin healing, and relearn who you are. Infinity Malibu offers complete discretion, privacy, treatment that is lasting, and amazing ocean vistas. 888-266-9048  

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