Should I Choose Medical Detox?

There are many different ways to go through detox. The most safe and healthy way is in a licensed facility providing medical detox and 24/7 hour care.

Why 24/7 Care Is Critical

Withdrawing from drugs and alcohol does not run on a schedule. Symptoms can flare up at any time of day or night. Without medical supervision, some symptoms which occur in the middle of the night could become dangerous. More importantly, the nighttime is difficult during detox. Sleep can be hard to get, leaving someone to become like an insomniac. Left alone to cravings and symptoms of withdrawal throughout the night, someone can become very vulnerable to relapse. 24/7 medical detox means a trained nurse is on staff and awake 24 hours a day. Available to talk through cravings, cook food, provide medicine, and check on patients, a 24 hour nurse could be the difference between heading toward recovery or running away to relapse.

Medical Detox vs At Home Detox

Detox can become quite severe depending on the severity of use. The longer and more chronically someone used drugs and alcohol the more intense their symptoms of withdrawal might be. Some might have a slight experience with detox while others will suffer immensely. At home detox cannot provide the intravenous fluids, vitamins, minerals, and nutrients needed to help the body recover. Trained medical staff are not available to assess the warning signs of dangerous reactions like panic attack, paranoia, seizure, or stroke. At home, one is in their normal environment, which might encourage them to return to old coping behaviors, like using alcohol and drugs. In a medical environment, they are encouraged by trained professionals to keep trudging through the detox period.

Medically assisted detox uses prescription medications to ease the symptoms of withdrawal. Some of these prescriptions can be obtained by a personal doctor and taken home. However, many of these medications contain trace amounts of opioids to reduce the pain experience. A medical detox has a professional nurse administer these medications at the necessary times. Without professional guidance at home, one might abuse the medications and create a new chemical dependency, which can happen.

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