Connect & Build Trust with Therapists

Have you seen a number of therapists in your life and were unable to get or stay sober? Take heed, no one is to blame! The therapist may have only been able to help you so much at that particular time in your life. The reason you didn’t move forward with your recovery could have been because you just weren’t ready, or you hadn’t reached your personal bottom. We’re really glad you are here now on the recovery road.

A therapist’s goal is to provide a safe and compassionate space where you can pursue genuine and lasting change. Let’s look at what you can expect during the first meeting your therapist. Your therapists will understand you are likely to have a full range of feelings and emotions when you walk through the door and into their office. They will welcome you and respect your courage.

In order to begin individualized treatment, your therapist will need to ask you a number of questions. While some questions may be difficult to answer, be assured that your therapist has your best interests at heart. In order to help you, they need to make a careful and thorough assessment of your mental health.

Your therapist will want to connect with you on a level where real healing can begin. You may want to know more about your therapist than just his or her clinical background and training. However, it is their job and ethical duty to keep the focus on you and your recovery. Therapists aren’t there to be your friend. They are there to help you heal from old wounds and perceptions of yourself that no longer serve you.

A therapeutic relationship needs to be built on a foundation of trust. Don’t expect to immediately trust your new therapist, only to believe that they are there for you. Trust comes with time, genuine exchange and the willingness to be open. In order for them to help you, you need to be willing to share information about yourself that perhaps you’ve never before shared with anyone. Making a genuine connection with your therapist will help build trust between the both of you, which in turn has the potential to lead to a lasting recovery.

Lasting healing comes from connection, genuine willingness and trust in yourself.

Here at Infinity Malibu, our fully licensed or credentialed therapists are there for you 100 percent. Our goal is to provide a safe and compassionate environment in which you can pursue genuine and lasting change. Infinity Malibu is a place you can fully trust. We want you to live the life you deserve and be free from addiction. Please call 855-608-8495 today!


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