Why is Our Connection with Others So Important in Recovery?

Before sobriety, we could have been an alcoholic who frequented bars. There we may have saddled up to a stranger and poured out our woes. Even in our darkest moments we needed some form of companionship. There are others of us who drank in the privacy of our homes, whether we had children, a spouse or not. Some alcoholic behavior includes those who worked eight hours or more each day, and drank themselves into a stupor after they arrived home.

Whether we are an introvert, extrovert or somewhere in between, our connection with people can be our lifeline in recovery. We are a ship in a stormy, erratic sea of alcohol and are looking for a safe harbor. There are other ships out there with us, and together we can help each other find our port-of-call and finally put down the anchor.

Going it alone, without the aid of fellowship meetings, group therapy and individual therapy can drag our anchors. We could find ourselves washed up on the beach in the misery of a relapse. When we communicate our stories of addiction with others, we are accessing the help we need. Finding commonality between our stories also helps us feel connected to life again. If others drank the way we did, and they have abstained from alcohol for a really long time, than we can, too.

We can carry the pain, embarrassment, shame and guilt of our drinking days around like a proverbial ball and chain. When we share our stories, we may find we’ve gotten something off our chests, followed be a huge sense of relief. The connection we have we people, particularly in fellowships is so important because we share a common bond. They understand us. They’re not going to judge us or what we divulge. They need us as much as we need them.

If you are afraid to go to a fellowship meeting, you might want to give consider asking a friend to go with you. It doesn’t matter if they are in recovery or not (as long as the meeting is an open one). You’ll probably discover people at the meeting are friendly. They may reach out to you and encourage you to keep coming. Encouragement comes from people we get to know and love, who want us to keep putting more and more sober days behind us.

“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.” —Confucius

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