Daily Meditations for Staying Clean and Sober

There are many valuable resources to help us stay clean and sober. Daily meditations are one of them. You can find small daily meditation books to fit in your back pocket or your desk at work. At the top of each page is a quote, sometimes by written by a notable figure. The quote reflects the topic for the day. Below the quote is a paragraph giving guidance. Subjects for daily meditations range from addiction to grief and everything in between. We can keep them beside our bed and read one when we wake up, and read another or two before we go to sleep. Meditations are wonderful reminders for keeping our perspectives and outlooks positive. They can help us get through bad days, too when we question our abstinence from drugs and alcohol.

When we get clean and sober, there is a lot of new information to absorb. Sometimes we can’t take at all in, or remember the helpful suggestions given us. This is where daily meditations come in. Meditations can have a calming effect on us. They help us cope with human conditions like emotions and feelings.

Meditations offer guidance and ways to think about something we are working on in recovery. We might need to be more mindful of what we say and how we say it. For example, the review our supervisor gave us wasn’t great. Our voice is strident and we lack patience with others. Instead of beating ourselves up, we can find a daily meditation on how to be more mindful about our tone of voice. It might suggest that we pause before we speak, get grounded by feeling our feet on the floor, or even suggest two to one breathing.

Meditations can be used to help us open our our hearts. They can help us to let down our guard, and to quiet the voices of the committee in our head which tries to judge us every minute of the day. They can promote healthy ways to view our recovery and kick that judge out the door. Whatever your goals are for the day, daily meditations can be a source for positive guidance.

You can also look into guided meditation, which can help in the same manner as daily meditations, but usually take longer. Guided meditations are done in groups with other participants or can be done via video or sound recordings. A trained counselor or practitioner guides your through the meditation.

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