How Do I Deal with Pressure in Recovery?

Coping skills for dealing with pressure are similar to those used in a variety of difficult  experiences and situations in which we find ourselves. Practicing your coping skills on a daily basis can be particularly useful when something really big emerges. You might be thinking, but I am not under daily pressure, so how would practicing help?

Mindfulness meditation can be practiced daily and can improve the functioning of your brain,

increase your immune function, lower blood pressure, lower heart rate, increase awareness, increase attention and focus, increase clarity in thinking and perception, lower anxiety levels, invoke calm and internal stillness, and give you a feeling of connectedness.  For only 10 to 20 minutes a day, that’s pretty amazing, and a lot of bang for your buck wouldn’t you say?

Another approach for dealing with pressure is looking closely at the expectations you place on yourself. Many people recovering from alcoholism strive for perfection in pressuring situations. Examine your motives. Who am I being perfect for? Will meeting this deadline improve my wellbeing? Do I think I will receive praise or a raise? Consider being competent, instead of trying to be perfect. The results may turn out the same, and you’ll probably feel a whole lot better.  

When under pressure you can set limits. On your deathbed, are you going to remember April 20, 2001 when you did an allnighter in order to get a proposal in the mail the next day? By setting limits, you’re not minimizing your work or personal ethics. You are simply taking care of yourself. A sad situation may arise where a dear friend has a terminal illness. You volunteer to be on a team to sit and care for them. You do this out of love, and because you feel an internal pressure to do the right thing. You volunteer to fill in the gaps when others can’t make it. Because you choose to fill in too many times, you wear down your immune system and catch a cold. Setting limits is similar to saying no.

Learning to be humble can offset pressure. I am not God or the Goddess. I am a person in recovery trying to make a difference. I cannot save all the whales, the Amazon Forest, the wolves, and the people being flooded out of their homes in Louisiana. I can hold any grandiosity I may harbor in check and still contribute my time and energy. Pressure doesn’t have to own me any longer.

“For fast-acting relief, try slowing down.”– Lily Tomlin

Go to a credible rehab, not from outside pressure, but because you want to heal your mind, body and spirit. Infinity Malibu’s addiction treatment programs offer transformative approaches for lasting recovery. You must bring your willingness. 888-266-9048

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