Determining Your Values and Beliefs

Beliefs are determined by what you perceive as real or true. Values relate to something’s worth or importance. Beliefs and values can be altered by sources outside yourself that have an influence on you. Parents imprint their beliefs and values on their children. As children grow they can reject or keep their parent’s beliefs and values. If we stay in the environment in which we grew up, our likelihood to accept the beliefs of our parents and their friends is greater. It’s also true that our beliefs and values can change on their own through books, media, our friends and our consciousness.

Our lives are constantly changing. Beliefs and values are impacted by negative forces around you. They can change because of something awful that happened, like a car accident, a child overdosing, alcoholism or addiction. There are thousands of reasons your beliefs and values change. They change because your consciousness is altered.

If you are unsure what your beliefs and values are, you can begin to determine them by examining what is important in your life. Keeping an open mind will improve your clarity when you do this. Learning not to judge yourself will allow the flow of thoughts to come easier.

Here’s a technique that helps flush out your beliefs and values. Name something you want. It can be anything grand or small, personal or material. After you name it, ask yourself, What is the experience I am seeking (from or through this)? When you have answered your question, ask yourself next, What is the experience I am seeking (from the answer you just gave). As you continue this exercise your answers become more difficult to grasp. That’s because you are getting down to your core beliefs and values—what’s really important. Try it!

Marketing, political propaganda and societal norms try to influence our beliefs and values. Their role is to pull you away from yourself. It can be confusing to determine where you stand on a certain subject, or whether you really need that next greatest device. Within everyone is the power to know what the best route—trust your gut.

Consciousness has a lot to do with determining your beliefs and values. What feels right, how important is this, is this harmful, how do I want to treat people, does this help or hinder my life and others, how does this idea resonate with me, what is my priority, and is this ethical. Ask yourself as many questions as you need. You’ll know the right answer!

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