Is Detox Enough For Treatment?

Narcan is a growing and life-saving medication being used in hospitals around the country. The opioid epidemic is leaving every day businesses and institutions in a position to help people who overdose. Narcan is a nasal spray or an injectable medication which reverses an opioid overdose. When someone is on the brink of death due to opioid overdose, the medication resurrects them and brings them back to consciousness. Shutting down the stream of opioid chemicals in the brain, their high is cut off and their life is saved.

Unfortunately, for most people who receive a Narcan recitation, their life is not changed. The quick block of opioids puts them into a state of withdrawal. In an emergency room or an emergency situation, there is no plan for that individual past the use of Narcan and saving their life. Immediately thereafter, their life as someone who is struggling with addiction to opiate drugs like heroin lays before them. Without a treatment plan, a doctor to see, a therapist to work with, or an idea of what recovery from drug addiction might look like, they are lost. Most often, they relapse shortly after they leave the site where Narcan as administered. Though the swift detox and revival saved their life, it wasn’t enough to change their life.

Detox is not the answer to a drug and alcohol addiction. Drugs and alcohol are not the problem in a drug and alcohol problem. A drug and alcohol problem is a symptom of deeper, underlying problems, which need to be addressed. Until the vehicle of addiction is completely dismantled, it can continue to drive forward. Treatment is highly and strongly suggested after the detox period of recovery. Multiple levels of treatment are available which can meet any needs an individual will have in terms of time commitment, availability, and intensity of care.

Choosing a treatment center with a full continuum of care allows for individuals to transition from active addiction to active treatment to active recovery. Being thrust back into the world with no skills for coping or staying sober is a danger for anyone new to recovery. A continuum of care encourages an individual to transition slowly under careful clinical watch. Through the treatment process, men and women change their lives, gaining the critical self-awareness needing for implementing infinite change.


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