How Do You Develop A Sustainable Relationship In Recovery?

You are doing great in your recovery. You are feeling that you are ready to start dating or maybe you are getting serious about someone you are dating. Dating and relationships can be great, but how do you maintain a healthy, supportive relationship in recovery?

Relationships can be a trigger for many people in recovery, especially those who are early on in treatment. There is a common theme in recovery circles that dating should be avoided without significant sobriety time. The truth is that once you have begun recovery, you begin to feel better. You may feel more energetic and it is only natural to want to enjoy sobriety with another person. However, if you do not have a solid foundation, you may not be ready to commit to another person. Knowing where you stand in your recovery is important.

Being prepared and ready is also crucial because relationships take work. Be honest in your relationship. You prospective partner deserves to know that you are in recovery. You do not want to develop a romantic relationship with someone who excessively consumes alcohol or drugs. Along the same lines, it is only fair to tell your partner who you are and what you have overcome. There is no rule that you need to announce this on a first date. If you begin feeling that the relationship is strong, then you may want to consider telling your partner who you are and what progress you have made. This is a good chance to see how the other person views recovery.

Have a strong support system. This is a vital part of having sustainable relationships. You cannot healthily love someone else, without loving yourself first. Your partner is also not responsible for your happiness. A healthy relationship involves supporting one another, but it is okay and even suggested to have alone time. Making therapy or attendance to support groups should continue to be a priority. Working with a sponsor or therapist should still come first. Remember without your support system, you may lose sight of your recovery. Your partner cannot be your therapist or sponsor, but they can still be a great asset to your life.

Be patient with yourself. You may have ups and downs but you definitely deserve happiness and companionship. Recognize that no one is perfect. You have made incredible strides in changing and living a healthier life. Relationships take commitment. As long as you keep your recovery first, have your own support system and value honesty with yourself and your partner, you are off to a great start for making a lasting relationship.

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