Discover Belief & Values within the Context of Your Personal History

Part of an infinite recovery is getting to know yourself as a child, teen, in adulthood, and in the present. You could say, for example, I grew up in a privileged family, in a very nice suburb of a major city in the United States. My parents gave me a wonderful childhood, full of fun and adventure.

In order to understand ourselves better in sobriety, we can reconstruct our lives. Sometimes what is most telling is what we leave out. In the example above, we could have also stated what we believed was true. We also, unknowingly could have left out parts of the past because they were buried within us.

Beliefs constructed from the personal history example could be: I had a wonderful childhood because I was privileged. The suburb I lived in was exclusive because it was next to a major city. My childhood was great because my parents never swore at me.

People develop beliefs and values to keep themselves safe. Considering their family background, they can’t understand how they could have possibly become an alcoholic. Are you hanging on to alternate beliefs for protection? You’re not alone. Let’s say you’re attractive, well put together, have had an excellent education and been exposed to amazing culture and travel.

When reconstructing your life, did you leave out the part about your parents’ own drinking? Did they put unrealistic demands on you, insist you become a banker instead of a ballet dancer, a theater critic instead of a Naval officer?

You can reclaim your life. Parts of your childhood may have been great, and other parts unbearable. Your home was in a neighborhood with no other kids. You hated going to the symphony with your grandmother. Can you see how letting your real feelings out offers relief? Now that you are sober, you can work towards making the kind of life that is true to your inner most being.

Now that we are sober our beliefs and values can move freely like the ocean currents.

The staff at Infinity Malibu respects who you are today. Through their guidance you have the opportunity to change old beliefs and values that no longer serve you. We offer unique individual and group therapies, as well as experiential therapies that put you in touch with your greater self—the self we know can stay sober for days, weeks, year upon year. Call Infinity Malibu today: 855-608-8495  

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