Don’t Use the Holidays As An Excuse to Drink Again

We don’t drink whether it is Christmas, Chanukah or New Year’s Eve. We don’t drink during seasonal football games or holiday parties. We got sober for a reason. The reason we got sober is that we don’t want to harm our bodies any longer. We don’t want our alcoholic behavior to harm our family, friends and co-workers any longer. We want to feel better about ourselves. We want to have our life back, full of potential, and love.

When we make excuses to have a drink during the holidays we are harming ourselves, and selling ourselves short. We are giving up on ourselves and the hard work we have put into our recovery. Drinking during the holidays is a no win situation. One of the hallmarks of alcoholism is thinking we can have just one drink and “get away with it”. Too many recovering alcoholics fool themselves into believing they can control their drinking and drink like a ‘normal’ person. Remember all it takes is one drink to start a chain reaction of worsening events and circumstances in your life. This is true whether you have been sober for one day or ten years.

The holidays, like any days in sobriety, call for support and guidance. If you feel tempted, call your sponsor, call your therapist, call a friend, or get to a recovery support meeting. Even though the holidays are just days on the calendar, they can and most often do evoke deep feelings. We may feel especially lonely this time of year, have difficult memories, or feel generally tempted by holiday libations.

We can get through the holidays without a drink. We just have to tell ourselves we can, and activate or reactivate our support system as well as our program of recovery. Be proud of your courage and the tenacity it takes to be positive. Stick to your program of recovery and you will surely have one of the better holiday experiences of your lifetime. Sobriety is a gift in and of itself. Continue to give it to yourself, to others, and the world around you.

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