How Equine Therapy Heals the Soul

Different interpretations and definitions surround the soul. The soul is often described as our spirit or a higher consciousness. It is different from the mechanics of the brain. Whatever your definition, horses have a direct connection with your soul. It’s been said when you look into the eyes of a horse, you look into their soul.

Equine Therapy introduces you to horses in a gradual manner. You begin with the basics: safety first. You may be terrified of this big animal. Equine therapy teaches you about healthy fear. As with recovery, the more you know, the more control you have over situations. Being open minded and curious will help relax you and lessen your fear.

You’ll learn how to approach a horse, and to communicate to him where you are when grooming another part of his body. Grooming develops great upper body strength, especially when you lift your horse’s hooves to clean them.

Severed by addiction, your soul was inaccessible for a long time. You’ve had a long row. Your addiction lied to you. It said you had everything you needed in the drink or drug.  Now, here’s this big horse in front of you. You put your hand up to touch it, but you move too quickly. The horse startles. You learn something new. Equine Therapy teaches you to connect with a horse on his terms. You can’t force anything with him or in life. Equine therapy also teaches you to end on a good note with your horse. You slowly raise your hand and touch his soft muzzle. Touching a horse is like music—it’s a direct link to your heart and soul.

If you are angry and impatient with your horse, he will give it right back to you with his behavior. Horses are giant mirrors that reflect what you project into the world back to you. It can be hard to understand and acknowledge the dark side of your soul. Healing the soul through Equine Therapy takes patience and authenticity.

When you bond with a horse a through Equine Therapy a shift will occur within you. You’re not focussing so much on yourself and your problems. Maybe at dinner you’ll sit beside someone who seems withdrawn, and offer to get them a cup of tea or coffee. Equine Therapy has softened you. A kindness you haven’t felt for years swells in your heart. You can’t wait until tomorrow to be with your horse.


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