We Have Everything We Need Within Us

Yes, we have everything we need within us to handle and cope with the challenges life presents us in sobriety. If you have a mental condition such as depression, an anxiety disorder or a dual diagnosis, a therapist can help treat your symptoms. Perhaps you are new to sobriety as well, or have even been sober for a long time. Having a good therapist can help you access and use your innate skills to benefit your recovery and your life at large.

Who is this person that became an alcoholic? When we chose to drink for any number of reason, we cut ourselves off from our core self. We didn’t do this on purpose. We did it to survive something intolerable like PTSD or mind-bending physical or emotional pain. Our survival skills sometimes saved us by dissociating, that is, disconnecting from thoughts, feelings, memories and our identity.

Getting to know who we are without the drink can be painful and challenging—and it’s well worth the internal discomfort that might come up inside and outside therapy. Within us is our core self. Our core self holds what is called in Internal Family Systems as the eight Cs. They are: calmness, curiosity, compassion, connectedness, confidence, creativity, courage and clarity. How many of the Cs did we use to get sober? We used courage. The need to get sober became clear (clarity) to us. We became willing to connect with people with the skills and knowledge to help us. Within us is the power of resiliency.

Getting to know ourselves also in sobriety can also bring us in touch with more of the Cs. We learn to calm our nervous system by slowing down our breathing. We can be curious about our future, make healthy choices and connections, and engage our long-buried or depleted creativity.

Another ability we have within us is movement. Activating ourselves by getting up and moving around, releases good-feeling endorphins. Dancing makes us feel alive. Walking in the fall brings us in touch our senses: the rich, earthy smells, beautiful colors, the sound of crunching leaves, a soft warm sweater, and bite from the apple we pulled out of our pocket.

We can learn the value of vulnerability. We have the ability to practice patience, face hardships, be compassionate and empathetic towards those in need. We can embrace and give love.

Yes, we have everything within us to create a well-integrated core self.

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