Explore Healthy Coping Strategies

How we approach all the difficult situations and events in life is critical to staying clean and sober. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by what seems like slightest obstacle. Learning healthy coping skills and strategies can make a huge difference in sober living.

Healthy coping skills are aligned with perception, reaction, self control and acceptance. Our accurate perception and assessment of a situation will help us to cope better. If we are prone to drama, we could limit our ability to react in a timely manner. If we tend to make more of a situation than it warrants, we run the risk of appearing untrustworthy.

We may not be able to cope well with every situation we encounter in sobriety. Tears are probable, as is the likelihood of an angry statement popping from our mouths. A good coping skill to develop is learning to stop before we react in a negative fashion. Being able to stop ourselves requires taking care of our mental and physical health. Are we getting enough sleep? Are we saying yes too often, and thereby have too much on our plates? Good coping skills require balance and self control.

Grief is among one of the largest challenges we face in sobriety. We may have lost our dignity, self-esteem, years of our lives, respect, employment, our spouse, and custody of our children. In order to cope, we need to take things slowly, one-by-one. Letting go and grieving can ease our pain. When we grieve what we’ve lost, we make room for the future, for this moment forward. Yes, there is future for us, full of hopes, dreams and possibility.

We grieve, and then we accept what we don’t want to accept. No matter the nature of our losses, be they the years we drank and drugged, the loss of a parent or a friend—once we accept the unacceptable, we have the opportunity to feel better. Coping well doesn’t mean we need to hurry along our grief and acceptance, it just means we have to live it. We can make a list of our coping strategies today and begin the necessary work of practice.

“Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, without noticing it, live along some distant day into the answer.”  —Rainer Maria Rilke

Infinity Malibu provides you the time and space to explore and practice coping strategies for your new clean and sober life. Whether you handle our horses, walk the beautiful beach, and get individualized therapy, we have your best sober experience in mind. Learn about your new life’s possibilities. Call 855-608-8495 today!


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