Facing Your Fears

What are our fears and from where do they originate? The question of trying to figure out the answer may be useful for some people to try and sort out their fears. Others may need the help of a trusted therapist to sift through layers of fear and anxiety.

Whatever your circumstance, fear and anxiety can be debilitating. Here are a few practical tips you can do to start facing your fears. When fear arises, you can ask yourselves if you have a story going on about the incident that triggered the fear. For example, maybe as a kid you were bit by a crab when wading in the ocean. Now, as an adult, you won’t wade in the ocean. You can take a step towards facing your fears and ask yourself what it would take to attempt wading in the ocean. Your answer might be to ask a loved one or a friend to hold your hand as you walk along the shoreline and into the water. You can talk out loud about the experience as it unfolds.

Here I am holding Jane’s hand on this beautiful, hot, sunny day. The water is a bit cool. All along the shore, l see children frolicking and splashing in the water. I notice they don’t appear to be afraid. I am relaxing a bit now. I’ll try this again next time I come to the beach. You see, now you’ve written a new story. The old story was keeping you from pleasure.

Sometimes your fear can be disguised by negativity. Be aware of what you project out into the world. Generally speaking, if you think you are going to have an awful time at the beach, then chances are you will. When you are negative about your fear, you are giving it energy. It can become larger than life.

Confronting your fear, and even talking to it, can loosen its grip on you. I see you Ms. Franny Big Fear. I know you want to keep your grip on me because of that time you helped me run from the pain. Thank you for that. Now, would you please give me some space?

These are but a few simple tools to use to face your fears. One proven therapeutic tool to eliminate a particular fear may be accomplished through EMDR therapy.

“Nothing in life is to be feared. It is only to be understood.”—Marie Curie

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