Facts about Marijuana Overdose and The Effect on the Brain

Marijuana is a commonly abused drug for recreational and what many would like to consider medicinal purposes. Though marijuana is comparatively safe, the drug can cause many complications for physical and for mental health.


Marijuana cannot cause overdose

There is no recorded overdose on marijuana to date. Research has looked into what it would take to overdose on marijuana and the reality of somebody ever being able to achieve that level of consumption is impossible. Studies have found that in order to consume enough marijuana to cause a fatal overdose, an individual would have to consume anywhere between 20,000 to 40,000 the normal amount of marijuana in the average joint, or marijuana cigarette. According to experts, that would translate to consuming about 1,5000 pounds of marijuana in just 15 minutes, by smoking. Overdose on marijuana may be possible theoretically. In likelihood, it is impossible.

Consuming too much marijuana can have negative effects. Psychosis, depression, and anxiety can all come from consuming too much marijuana. Individuals who have unknowingly consumed marijuana through “edibles”, or food laced with THC have reported severe paranoia and even hallucinations. Ongoing, symptoms of mental distress can wear on the brain, causing permanent mental disturbances or mental health conditions.


Marijuana can cause mental health conditions

Under the influence of marijuana, individuals can experience severe paranoia which induces anxiety and sometimes panic. Panic and anxiety disorders can develop out of marijuana addiction. Additionally, as a depressant substance, marijuana disorder can cause feelings of lethargy, lack of motivation, hopelessness, and pessimism. Depression can be a side effect of marijuana and also worsened by marijuana.


Marijuana can worsen mental health conditions

Though the relationship between marijuana and depression has not been declared by science, marijuana has been proven to worsen other conditions. Schizophrenia, for example, is irritated by marijuana and is found to be worsened in condition by regular marijuana consumption.


Marijuana smoking can damage the lungs

Though marijuana can be healthier than other substances which are smoked, marijuana smoking can still damage the lungs. Regular, chronic use of marijuana can cause lung complications and damage other parts of the body as well.


Marijuana use halts psychological development

Many people begin experimenting with marijuana in adolescence or teenage years. Science has repeatedly found that the use of marijuana in early formative years halts critical psychological development in key areas like the prefrontal cortex where cognitive functioning lives.


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