Why Does My Family Have to Get Involved?

Most rehabilitation centers for alcohol and drug treatment have family programs. They are designed to offer support for those affected most by the disease you and your family. Addiction is a disease that impacts the entire family. While the disease has wreaked havoc with your physical and mental health, it has also caused your family equal pain, suffering and loss.

Family weekends for recovering addicts and alcoholics address a number of needs. You’ve received education about your disease, and your family members need to understand your disease as well. In treatment you’ve come to understand that the disease is not your fault, that there is no cure, and it can’t be controlled. Your family needs to know this as well because they may be feeling it’s their fault. If only I’d done this or that, then he wouldn’t have gotten addicted.

Family members need emotional support. They may be afraid you will relapse, overdose and die. At a family weekend, you may have the chance to assure them you are committed to your recovery. Both you and your family need a safe container in which to be truthful with one another. Perhaps you need to tell a family member about an old wound in which you’ve never recovered. You’re not blaming the event on your addiction. Being open and honest creates a space for healing to begin on both sides.

Family members may have put their life blood, energy and savings into helping you get sober. A family program offers them a chance to look at and focus on their own life for a change. They may not have control over whether you relapse or not, but they don’t have to walk around on eggshells fearing something they say or do could cause you to relapse. Family programs free your family members from any responsibility they have towards keeping you clean, sober and how well your recovery is progressing. That’s your job.

Of course each family brings different dynamics and histories with them. There’s the possibility the weekend might not go smoothly. Maybe your father didn’t like being confront about the demands he placed on you as a child. Maybe your mother will squirm in her seat if you confront her about her afternoon sherry. As the saying goes, everything happens for a reason. Be glad your family chooses to come to family weekend.

You only have one family. What can you do today to mend old wounds?

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