The Consequences of Drug Abuse among the Family

Socially: Family members begin to be more isolated and shameful of what’s going on. They may not partake in activities they used to in order to avoid questions or rumors they may be circulating. They also may not engage in activities they once enjoyed because they feel obligated to make sure the addict in their life is okay, fearing any day could be their last.

Psychologically: Family members who are consistently lied to lose trust and begin to attempt to uncover a lie in every situation. Their thinking begins to change, expecting the worst out of every situation.

Emotionally: Living with an addict can be an emotional rollercoaster. It can take an individual who was once very stable to a place of grief and distress. This not only affects their home life but how they interact at work and in social situations.

Physically: The anxiety and stress of a family member in active addiction can have many adverse health effects including; migraines, nausea, loss of appetite and even heart problems due to the stress levels.

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