What is Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT)?

Dialectical Behavior Therapy is Evidentiary Based meaning that the techniques are scientifically proven. Based on Zen Buddhist instruction regarding gaining an awareness of one’s self is at the core of DBT. DBT counselors use this heightened sense of awareness to help the individual see how their actions affect others and vice versa.

Dialectical behavior therapy helps get to the root of addiction. One of the most succinct aspects of DBT is the manner in which it cuts to the heart of a person’s addiction issues.

DBT is about improving self-image. DBT is used to treat conditions where the individual’s self-image is in need of restoration. By developing a more effective means of communicating with others, this unique method of therapy helps the individual gain confidence in dealing with even the most stressful situations.

DBT helps people become more assertive. There is a great deal of “role playing” involved in DBT, and many of these situations help the individual learn how to say “NO” to those temptations and negative influences that have pushed them further into the cycle of addiction.

DBT teaches tolerance. Another hallmark of DBT is training the individual to be tolerant of others, even in those situations where their viewpoints are different, or perceived as a potential threat.

DBT teaches self-soothing techniques that replace the need to drink and use drugs to cope with painful feelings.

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