Is Fear of Withdrawal Keeping You from Seeking Help with an Addiction?

People with an addiction can put off getting help due to their fear of detox and withdrawal. Fear can put many lives in jeopardy and perpetuate the cycle of an addiction. Some may get to a point where they feel they’ve had it, try to withdraw on their own, only to be undone due to discomfort and fear.

Fear can arise from the thought of having to face struggles in life, and the pain and stress of living without drugs or alcohol to help you cope. You also may be afraid of having to face the consequences of your addictive behaviors. When a person goes through psychological withdrawal they can experience intense feeling, pain, guilt, remorse, shame and self-hatred. These feeling can be so overwhelming that some people would rather go back to abusing substances to relieve their pain instead of continuing with recovery.

Fear usually doesn’t go away until you open the door, walk through, and face it. According to researchers and doctors, in comparison with other medical treatments and procedures, withdrawal, though painful, doesn’t have anywhere near the degree of discomfort. It would seem that combined with the wake of destruction an addiction can cause families, employers and the life of the person with the addiction, that people would choose detox and recovery.

However, overblown fear of withdrawal, as explained by neuroscientists, causes short-term emotional needs that far outweigh longer-term rational ones. People who have been addicted for a long time are out of touch with, or can’t perceive what their life will look like in sobriety.

It’s not easy facing an active addiction, but with proper medical care, overseen by those specifically trained in addiction treatment and detox, you can make it through physical withdrawal. Following detox, you can choose excellent treatment in a rehab facility followed by a well-planned aftercare regime. Combatting fear can be attained through knowledge and an understanding of what detox will entail. Along with addiction education, coping skills, counseling and a support team, the concept of hope can be introduced and embraced.

“Death is not the biggest fear we have; our biggest fear is taking the risk to be alive—the risk to be alive and express what we really are.”—Don Miguel Ruiz

When you go to Infinity Malibu’s detox, you don’t have to be anxious since we utilize medical and holistic therapies to manage withdrawal effects and make you as secure and comfortable as possible. We know you are already courageous, so call today! 888-266-9048

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