Finding Purpose In Life Again

A lasting recovery requires we embrace all of ourselves—who we were before we became addicted, during our active addiction, and now in sobriety. We cannot separate out who we were in the past from who we are today.

Our purpose can change throughout our lives, especially after we become sober. When newly sober, our purpose is to take one day at a time, not drink or take drugs. As we face the daily challenges in our recovery we may come up against parts of ourselves that demand we hurry along. We are eager to put this part of our lives behind us.

In order to find a purpose in life again, we need to get to know ourselves in the moment, and as we change and grow. Our purpose doesn’t have to be grand, and we’ll do better not to compare our journey in recovery with others.

Just as the addiction in us progressed over time, we need to allow equal, if not more time to heal. Our renewed purpose will find us, just like a stray cat at the back door. It’s nothing we can force. Listen to your heart and pay attention.

Why is one man a welder and the next an environmentalist? Why is one woman an olympic skier and another a horticulturist? We are all unique. Our purpose comes to the back door and meows. We provide nourishment. It comes again and we repeat our actions. One day our purpose comes to the front door and says let me in!

Our purpose gains momentum when we nourish what feels genuine for us to pursue. We might never have had the calling for a certain vocation, or the opportunity. Now in recovery, with time, healing, behavioral changes, and patience, we may feel differently—as if our vision has widened and our hearts have softened. We want to spend more time with our grandchildren, get a college education, learn to write poetry, turn bowls in the workshop or work at the library.

Our purpose isn’t depended upon what we want to do, but rather from who we are inside.

“The path to our destination is not always a straight one. We go down the wrong road, we get lost, we turn back. Maybe it doesn’t matter which road we embark on. Maybe what matters is that we embark.” ―Barbara Hall

What will our purpose be when we get sober? Our team at Infinity Malibu will support you and your courage to heal. We will give you the tools to discover your own unique pathway from early recovery to infinite sober living. Call us today. Our facilities are beautifully appointed and include ocean views and maximum privacy and discretion. 888-266-9048

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