How Do I Get Clean Right Now?

The drugs you’ve been taking are holding you hostage, but you still have access to your willpower. Wherever you are, say out loud or even scream—I need help—I need help right now! I need the phone number for an addictions hotline! ” I need help to stay clean!”

If you have internet access, put addiction hotline or helpline in the search window. Get the number and make the call right now.

Then call a friend or family member you trust. Don’t worry if they are at work, just call them. Tell them you are in trouble and have just called a hotline for help. Tell them you’re afraid, because undoubtedly, you are!

Follow through with what the person on the hotline told you to do. If you get squeamish and have second thoughts, think about when you were a little kid. Remember when you stood up for your kid brother or sister when they were being bullied by a neighbor kid. If you were the one being bullied, talk to the drugs as if they are the bully trying to destroy your life force!

Take a breath. You’re on your way to getting clean.

You might need to detox from the drugs you have been taking. In addition to getting immediate help, you might have to call your insurance company to see if it will cover an inpatient addiction treatment program. This can feel overwhelming, and that’s where your friend or family member can help you sort out details.

You’ve used your willpower to make those critical phone calls. If you are worried you won’t have the willpower to wait for your friend or family member to come to your aid, call the hotline again! To safeguard yourself even further from picking up, get yourself to the emergency room of the local hospital. You can even plan to meet your friend or family member there.

If you have to wait for a spot in a treatment facility, look into local Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings. Most likely you’ll find great support there and people who can give you guidance into staying clean. NA can be the lifeline upon which you depend to stay clean.

Different medical options for beginning your freedom from drugs will depend upon your individual situation. Believe in yourself and your desire to live free from drugs. Hang in there. You can do it!

“Man is free at the moment he wishes to be.” -Voltaire

Upon arrival at Infinity Malibu, our experienced physicians and clinical staff assess your health history, chemical condition, and addiction background to develop a medically supervised detox plan customized to you. Change your life today and call: 855-608-8595

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