Getting Clean and Sober for Your Children

When you’re in the the worst stages of addiction, your children could be suffering from neglect, verbal abuse and even physical abuse if you aren’t able to control emotions and your life. Because the force of the drink or drug is so powerful, you may not notice the person you’ve become, and the effect you’re having on your children. One day, however, you might have an epiphany.

It’s been said that you have to get sober first for yourself. Is that really a logical approach when your children are beginning to act out because they don’t know how to cope with all the feelings they’re having. They know you are supposed to love and take care of them, but they can no longer rely on you. They don’t know when if or they can trust you either. In order to cope with that which is not within their capacity, your children may sooner or later be headed towards addiction themselves.

Can you stop drinking for them? If you do, they will have a chance for a better life, though they will not escape the effects of your addiction unscathed. There is a program called Adult Children of Alcoholics/Addicts (ACOA). The program is designed to help people whose parents were alcoholics or addicts, understand and overcome traits they developed from living in a chaotic and untrustworthy environment.

ACOAs can be approval seekers, have little or no sense of identity, become an addict or alcoholic themselves, are often afraid of people in authority, have a compulsive nature, think of themselves as a victim, are overly responsible, feel guilty when they stand up for ourselves, and have low self esteem. ACOAs can develop mental disorders like depression and anxiety, too.

You can get clean and sober for your children. They are innocent, just as you are because you have a disease. Maybe one or both of your parents were addicts or alcoholics, too. You have a great opportunity to stop the disease from continuing generation after generation. All you have to do is reach out for help.

You can have self respect and enjoy the love of your children again. If you need to tell yourself you are getting clean and sober for them, then good for you. You’ll come to realize that it’s not one or the other for whom you’re getting sober. Rather, it’s both your children and you. Please don’t delay.  

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