Getting Sober—The Best Turn You Can Take

Aside from your the improved physical health that comes with sobriety, getting sober has other benefits that can alter the course of your life for the better. Everything in life takes time. Think of what it was like wanting to graduate from middle school to high school, or waiting for the time when you could get your driver’s license. As you grow older life seems to move faster, and you never seem to have enough time.

Getting sober is like an advanced course in living in the moment. When you first put down the drink, every moment can be spent thinking about how much you want to drink again. It takes tremendous strength and discipline not to pick up. Encouragement and support from a counselor, addiction recovery group, or going to a rehab, is essential. Getting sober without support puts you at risk for relapse.

Getting sober can be the best turn you can take because your entire outlook on life can change. You may get sober with the thought that putting down the drink is the only thing you have to accomplish. You may be lost without the distraction and other effects like escape, that alcohol has given you. Suddenly a veil is pulled away, or the proverbial rug pulled out from you. Feelings that have been ignored or numbed out due to alcoholism, rush in to fill the space where the alcohol used to be. Feelings, whether mad, sad, glad or happy are good because they let you know you are alive.

Another turn your life can take from getting sober is finding relief. Perhaps you have been depressed your entire life. You get sober and start seeing a therapist. The safety of a therapeutic relationship will allow you to slowly examine your life and find the route of the depression. What you uncover may be painful. Alongside the discovery will come acceptance, and with acceptance a lessening of the pain and the subsequent depression. Medication may be recommended to get you over the hump of depression. Right on the edge of acceptance, can come the joy of living.

Every person who gets sober is different, and enters recovery with their own life history and expectations. The turn from alcoholism to sobriety can propel your life forward in many ways. You’ll learn to accept life on life’s terms. Your commitment to sobriety can open you up to hope and healing, joy and laughter.

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” A. A. Milne

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