Getting to Serenity

Whatever your age, you probably have established perceptions and tenants about the way things ought to be in your life and the world at large. If you are newly sober you may be questioning everything about yourself, including your principles. Sometimes you hear a word or phrase, or something said, and it clicks. Other times it washes right over you because your life feels chaotic.

Getting to serenity is about calming down the chaos, not only in your outside world, but in your mind. A common belief is that we have 70,000 conscious thoughts a day. Also to be considered is the subconscious, which may generate even more thoughts. In addition to our thoughts we have outside stimuli, like noise, text messages, email, phones, horns, machinery, motor vehicles, planes, dogs barking and children screaming. That’s enough to prevent anyone from serenity.

Getting to serenity comes from making choices involving your external life. It is about change and learning to better filter our busy lives. We need to make choices that benefit us rather than the old shoulds. Serenity and shoulds are in opposition to one another. Of course, there are always things we do that we don’t want to, and these may be compromises or decisions to do the right thing. In some situations we set our own wishes and time aside and do something to make a person feel better—acts of kindness. Acts of kindness can create serenity.

In order to create serenity, our inner world needs attention, too. We may not be able to control the number of thoughts we have per day, but we can give our minds a rest. We can get plenty of sleep and learn to meditate. We can take a mindfulness training course. We have stories we tell ourselves, self-perceptions we play over and over. These can be negative judgments. Part of getting to serenity involves becoming curious about our self-perceptions. Are they founded in fact? Working with a therapist can help us find the source of negative inner thoughts, and guide us in overcoming them.

Accepting life on life’s terms is paramount to serenity. There is little we can control as the world turns with natural disasters, death, car accidents, war, and other tragedies. Of course, the world is also filled with hope, goodness, love! Yet, in the case difficulties, we can make a choice to accept. Accepting life on life’s terms doesn’t mean we roll over and give up our cause our grief and anger. It means we stop fighting or resisting what we can’t change.

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