I Got Sober and Now I Feel Depressed

If you are newly sober you may feel depressed because your life, as you knew it, has collapsed. With this comes grief and loss. The 12 Steps in Alcoholics Anonymous are designed to help you grasp, and take measures to handle your present sober life in a positive manner, and to bring about a lasting change.

Getting sober doesn’t lead to instant joy and happiness. Life is not like that. We don’t have control over so much of what life brings us. Life is full of disappointments, challenges, heartache, pain, sorrow, and so much more. You may be saying, duh, but why do I have to feel depressed on top of everything?

Give some thought to your mental health. Did you feel depressed before you started drinking? Did it lead you to alcoholism? What does your depression look like? Are you depressed all day long, only at night, just on weekends? Are you depressed about one thing in particular or just feel a general malaise? Ask yourself as many questions as you can. Perhaps write the questions down, and the answers next to them. This idea isn’t intended to make you feel worse. It’s just an inquiry to give you more information about depression.

Many years ago, a 1333 page book was written by Helen Schucman called a Course in Miracles. The purpose of the book was to direct individuals towards spiritual transformation. Within this tomb was an interesting premise that can be applied to many things, but in this case to depression. I have my depression, I am not my depression. We don’t have to over-identify or internalize what makes us feel terrible. We can be a witness to depression. In doing so, we give ourselves an ally, that is, our greater, all-knowing self.

You are the only one who can take action to do something about your depression. Think seriously about getting into therapy. If working one-on-one with a therapist feels too scary, find a group to join. After you hear other group member’s stories, you may decide to meet with a therapist on your own. Medications help with depression, and can be prescribed through your health care provider. If you are totally against taking medication for depression, try asking yourself: Why wouldn’t I want to do everything I can to feel better? Taking medication doesn’t mean having to take it forever. It can be a leg-up from a horrible abyss.


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