Am I Really Grateful?

There are no rules for feeling grateful. You either feel it or you don’t. If you’re not feeling grateful you could be stuck in negative thinking. Negative thinking is not good for staying clean and sober. It can draw you close to the web of relapse. Negative thinking can perpetuate anger. Anger and gratitude don’t mix. You could chose one or the other. The flip side of this outlook is, you may have lots of reasons to be angry. You might also have lots of reasons to be grateful, but you’re not there yet.

Sometimes you have to get to the bottom of a difficult feeling before you can enjoy a good one. With many people good feelings are on the same page as difficult ones. They know life has both. If you don’t feel any gratitude in your life you might want to think about what is making you so angry? Perhaps make a list. Are you angry all the time? Do certain things set you off? Have you looked at alternative ways to approach situations in your life that may reduce your anger? Are you depressed?

If you feel you have nothing to be grateful for while being clean and sober, chances are you are feeling pretty darn miserable. You deserve to feel better. You deserve good things in your life. You might want to get into therapy. A therapist can help you root out the cause of you negativity and anger. Therapy helps you to gain a better understanding of why you feel the way you do, and what you can do to change it.

The world is a terrifying place. Perhaps you are bogged down by reports of child abuse, rape, genocide, shootings, war, and the heartbreak of endangered species and global warming. Only thinking about these things can lead you to believe there is nothing for which to be grateful. The world is both terrifying and beautiful. Both things are true. You can help others, and work towards change, but you can’t help everyone. You can’t save the world. You can save yourself. If you are overwhelmed by the woes of life, try to focus just on you.  

When you add the perspective of gratitude to your life, you widen your lens. Life is no longer black and bleak. Nature in particular is resplendent with color tones. Give gratitude a chance. You can probably come up with twenty things for which you are grateful. The first gratitude you might come up with is for being clean and sober. The second might be for having the courage to get into therapy. You decide, and make your list as long as you want.

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